Terms and Conditions

Use of this website is your agreement to these terms and conditions, and BESTeCOUPONS.com reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

Rules for General Use:

  • Simply print each offer prior to going to the vendor. Most businesses prefer receiving a printed certificate. Others will accept an electronic certificate when displayed on your smart phone. Please refer to the individual coupon instructions for specifics.
  • Very important - Read each offer carefully prior to printing your certificate and presenting for use.
  • Offers obtained either in The Best Book in Town coupon book or from BESTeCOUPONS.com are not to be used in conjunction with any other discount offers.
  • Unless otherwise stated, two or more people must be in the party to use any buy one get one free certificates or offers.
  • All holiday use is excluded unless otherwise specified

Rules for Restaurant Use:

  • Certificate use is limited to a maximum party of four people unless otherwise stated. Should two people dine together the least expensive dinner of the two will be discounted. Should three people dine together, the least expensive dinner of the three will be discounted and so on. Should four people dine together and are using two certificates, the two least expensive dinners of the dining party will be discounted.
  • Certificates or offers must be presented for use prior to the bill being totaled.
  • Beverages, desserts, side orders, alcoholic drinks and taxes are not included in any of the promotional offers unless specifically stated.
  • Tips should equal 15 to 20% of the total purchase prior to the discount(s) being removed from the total. Please remember your servers are still working to bring you your free meal and deserve to be rewarded for good service.

Rules for BESTeCOUPONS.com Use:

  • All site content including copy, functionality, offers, etc. is intended for your personal use only. The offers available via BESTeCOUPONS.com are not intended for distribution of any kind including but not limited to selling, trading, mass printing, auctioning or any commercial uses. Merchants reserve the right to verify member identification and offer redemption status, since offers generated via BESTeCOUPONS.com are nontransferable and non-reusable.
  • All offers contained on this site are for use only for the specific number of times specified on the coupon. There also may be additional conditions specified by the business offering each individual offer. Please be sure you understand all conditions of each offer before redeeming the offer.
  • Memberships to BESTeCOUPONS.com are limited to one per email address.
  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to register for or access BESTeCOUPONS.com at any time.
  • As an added convenience, BESTeCOUPONS.com may provide links to businesses who have posted offers on our site. This is merely for convenience and BESTeCOUPONS.com does not guarantee or control the content of any sites accessed via BESTeCOUPONS.com.
  • BESTeCOUPONS.com reserves the right to suspend or cancel any membership where it is felt that a member is abusing the use of BESTeCOUPONS.com.
  • All content on BESTeCOUPONS.com including but not limited to images, copy, concept and layout is the property of BESTeCOUPONS.com. Use of any content contained without written authorization is not permitted.
  • Your use of this website is your agreement to these terms and conditions, and BESTeCOUPONS.com reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

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