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The Best Book in Town introduces a new way for you to reach potential customers with discount offers that generate trial leading to repeat business...while providing useful feedback on customer usage and demographics. provides the following features and benefits:

  • Flexibility which leads to targeted results
    • We will custom-build limited-time and/or limited quantity offers to your precise specifications.
    • Our staff will work with you to tailor your promotions to suit your unique business needs.
    • You can make modifications while your advertising is running
    • We will respond quickly to your needs for timely advertising (i.e., maximum 10 business day lead-time from submission of offer, copy and logo).
    • Optionally, you can target home and/or office zip codes.
  • Feedback about your advertising to help you measure its effectiveness
    • To gauge effectiveness, usage data will be tracked when your offer and a map link are selected, and when a coupon is generated.
    • Reports, available 10 working days from conclusion of your advertising, break out data by zip code.
    • Optionally, coupon usage can be tracked at point-of-sale.
  • Relationships will be built with your customers through communications
    • Featured Offers will be emailed to potential customers (who can print coupons in full color or have the option to go paperless if you honor coupons displayed on smart phones or tablets).
    • You will be building relationships with established Best Book in Town customers, who are motivated to respond to coupons.
    • We offer reciprocal links to and from your website.
    • You will continue to build goodwill through support of your customers' favorite local non-profit organizations... since residual income from membership sales (which are motivated by your advertising) will be shared with participating non-profit groups.

Cost of Participation

  • For a limited time, there is no cost to advertise on the website.

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