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Schools, Churches, Clubs, Sports Teams, Civic and Cause-Based Non-Profit Groups...
We can help you reach your financial goals FAST and EFFICIENTLY!

For the past 35+ years, Memphis-Area Non-Profit groups have counted on The Best Book in Town to deliver fundraisers that require the least effort and yield the highest profit.

Now BESTeCOUPONS.com enhances the effectiveness of your fundraiser by offering more ways for your supporters to save money...which translates to even greater ease and added profit!

Here's what you get when you buy the Book:

  • DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIP to BESTeCOUPONS.com is included with each Best Book, so selling them has never been easier
  • -- (a $20 value for only $5; that's a $15 savings!)
  • NO INVESTMENT, NO RISK - Best Books are provided on consignment...unsold books can be returned
  • BEST PROFIT - 50% to 60%, plus...
    • Bonus Books
    • Cash Incentives
    • Prizes

The unique code assigned to your organization ensures that you will receive at least 50% profit from:

We'll stay in contact with your supporters by...

  • Emailing Featured Offers
  • Encouraging renewal of their BESTeCOUPONS.com Membership for the next year

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